Dear Colleagues:

At this moment, Senate Bill 1152 awaits the scheduling of a Conference Committee meeting between members of the Michigan House and Senate for the purpose of debating and deciding differences between what was proposed by the Senate, and that which was finally recommended in the House version.

You have already received the list of the members of the House and Senate Conferees. I anticipated that they would call a meeting this week to inititate their discussions on the differences. However, the Governor’s office (DMB, Dept. of Treasury) has not yet finalized Budget Targets for 2010/2011. Thus, our Legislators involved with the DCH Budget, have no target as to projected revenues. Therefore they do not know how much to cut from the DCH Budget and whether or not the deficit will be greater or less than what was anticipated in April/May 2010.

It would appear with this being the case, that Budgets will not be resolved in totality for this State, and more specifically for this Department, by July 1, 2010.

I am told by very reliable sources, that Public School Budgets were agreed upon between the House and Senate, with approval of the Governor, but the MEA came down hard on the agreement and created enough disharmony to hold up the Bills. Such action holding up Education Bills can complicate the Budget for 2010/2011 this summer. It appears at this time that we will not have a DCH Budget, being sent to the Governor for signature, prior to July 4, 2010. It could easily be September before the Budgets get worked out, unless Public School Budget and DSS Budgets  find agreement within the next 30 days.

I will keep you posted.

The Beat Goes On!!


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